Thursday, January 14, 2016

Shutter Speed

When dealing with shutter speed, my main goal was to show motion by making a certain part of the image blurry. The creates an effect of the camera not being able to capture the quick movements. I used someone falling and car moving, both examples of quick motion.

Hard and Soft Light

The Hard and Soft light project helped me to understand how to define the mood of a photograph, and how to manipulate the overall feeling using lighting. For a less dramatic and serious approach, I used soft light, and for a more shadowy effect, I used hard light.

Blair News Story

The Blair News Story project helped to strengthen my editing skills. I was given a template to put my edited images in. I then used different kinds of texts to look like a newspaper or magazine title, and edited the colors of the project so that everything looked even.


Resolution describes the amount of pixels in an image. A picture with a high resolution will be clearer, whereas a picture with a low resolution can look choppy and low quality. There are twp types of color models shown; RGB, which is additive, and CMYK, which is subtractive.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The perspective assignment focused on two techniques; compression and decompression. Compression is used to make things seem closer to the background, while decompression is used to make things seem farther away from the background.